Our Blue Friday Initiative

No deals here, just a sustainable brand doing some good on a Friday – join us?

It’s sometimes shocking to us from our sustainability bubble that while brands like ours are working hard to clean up the industry, a fast fashion world runs parallel to us baring no responsibility for its action on the environment and its people.

Fortunately, the last couple of years have seen brands standing up and against Black Friday weekend - a consumerist ‘holiday’ with one aim: to make consumers spend, spend, spend, seemingly for less, but at what other cost? 

Of course, everyone loves a good deal every now and again. We partake in seasonal sales because we prefer to have you wearing our fairly produced and ethically made clothing, rather than having it sit in the warehouse when the season is over. The problem we have with Black Friday is the pressure it puts on consumers to make impulsive and irrational choices. Such choices mean a lot of money is spent on things we don’t need, reducing the value of the item and increasing the environmental and human cost, not to mention the individual emptiness felt when you spend money on nothing – sound familiar?

Last year, we teamed up with Made Blue Foundation so that every jean purchased on our website during the Black Friday weekend came with a clean water donation. In one weekend, we were able to donate 4,300,000 liters of water to countries in developing countries. 

This year let’s try and double that figure with your help. For every denim purchased, we will donate 100,000 liters of water, which would allow 4,300 people to drink safely.  

It’s unrealistic for us all to renounce our material objects and it is not our aim to make anyone feel guilty if you do buy something with a discount. What we hope to encourage is a slower mindset when it comes to consumption. Be critical of the brands you love, be curious about the production process, the materials used, the living conditions of those who make your clothes.

Taking part? Let us know by using the #kingsofindigo and #bluefriday on social!

Photos courtesy of Made Blue.