Quit Monkeying Around

PP Spray Free Denim

Ever heard of Monkey wash? Sounds cute right? It ain’t. 

It’s a term used to describe a color fading treatment for the thighs and bums of jeans giving them that worn look. The treatment is done with a very strong oxidizing agent called Potassium Permanganate or “PP spray”, which sets off a chemical reaction resulting in a fade of color. 

PP spraying is an extremely dangerous practice performed by over 2 million workers worldwide, causing them major health issues. Not so cute. Which is why we eliminated the use of PP spray on our denims completely.

post corona times at Kings of Indigo

Full circle

Look, it takes a whole supply chain to get the ball rolling on planet-friendly innovations. Which is why we work with real movers & shakers when it comes to sustainable solutions, our denim suppliers Artlab and Era. 

Though PP Spraying isn’t officially prohibited by the REACH regulations even today, together with our suppliers we started moving away from this hazardous stuff years ago, so we’re happy to announce that we are now 100% PP spray free. 

Same same but different

One of the great alternatives for Monkey washing is called Nearbleach Sky White, and it’s developed by a chemical supplier named Nearchimica. Their formula has minimal impact on the environment and saves both water and time because where normal bleaching requires a neutralizing process, with Nearbleach a simple washing with a dispersing agent suffices.

Our partner ERA in Turkey works with another strong alternative for PP spray, namely: laser. Spanish company Jeanologica created a laser application to make those pretty whiskers to spice up your denim. 

A third option we applaud is bleaching with enzymes instead of harsh chemicals. Enzymes alter the indigo dye by oxidation, without affecting the quality and strength of the fabric. ERA works with special enzymes offered by the Dystar group.

So you see it really is a team effort. We work with ERA and Artlab - they team up with Nearchimica and Dystar, and together we provide you with the very best of sustainable innovations today. 

When we say that we make “denim for life”, we mean it.

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