For a long time, the fashion industry was known for non-disclosure of suppliers for fear of competition ‘stealing’ suppliers and losing their business. Secrecy on the matter allows for work to be sent to non-audited locations and/or where worker well-being is not a priority, or perhaps even child labor is used. This is why we are fully transparent about our suppliers and take responsibility for our whole supply chain.

We work with the Open Apparel Registry (OAR), which is a website that provides an open map of global apparel facilities. This registry helps improve data quality and reliability and will provide us with the opportunity to easily identify which other companies are sourcing from the same factory.

The OAR allows us to better collaboration with civil society in identifying, assessing and avoiding actual or potential adverse human right impacts. In order to increase our effectiveness as a company, getting our production location list is very valuable.

See below a full list of our suppliers.

Supplier Cutting/Stitching Laundry Finishing
Artie Artie - Netherlands Artie - Netherlands Artie - Netherlands
Artlab Cavalier - Tunisia Interwashing, Blue & Dye - Tunisia Lamak, Blue & Dye - Tunisia
Artlab Nos Confection - Tunisia Interwashing - Tunisia Lamak, Blue & Dye - Tunisia
Collage Collage - Bulgaria Alexandros - Greece Collage - Bulgaria
Edward Jeans Wings - Bulgaria Edward Jeans - Greece Edward Jeans - Greece
Elleti Group Cavalier - Tunisia Martelli - Italy Elleti Group - Italy
Jaume Jaume - Spain Jaume - Spain Jaume - Spain
New Power Asteri - FYROM Mercury - Greece Asteri - Fyrom
Officina3 Officina3 - Italy Officina3 - Italy Officina3 - Italy
Pro Tec Tekstil D.O.O. Pro Tec Tekstil D.O.O. - Croatia Pro Tec Tekstil D.O.O. - Croatia Pro Tec Tekstil D.O.O. - Croatia

Fabric Supplier Country
Calik Turkey
Candiani Italy
Hellas Cotton Greece
Hemp Fortex China
Isko Turkey
Jaume Estevez Spain
Kilim Turkey
Northern Linen China
Orta Turkey
Unitin Spain
Royo Spain
Textil Santanderina Spain
Yarntex Greece