Tony Tonnaer, King of Inspiration and Founder

Talk us through your outfit.
I am wearing my favorite Louis jeans in Japanese Selvage with a Robb top, David jacket and socks made with recycled cotton.

What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without during the cold winter months and one- during the spring-summer period?
During winter, my Kings of Indigo dry Japanese Selvedge denim made with recycled cotton in the Louis style. I have 6 pairs ranging from completely new to completely worn out and repaired 5 times.

In the summer I mostly wear classic white tees, our Darius in organic cotton.

Tell us about something that inspired you recently, be it a book, a movie, a podcast, a stranger on the street, a song or even a whole album!
I really enjoyed the HBO series Euphoria, a teen drama showing the lifestyle of the now. Great styling, videography, music and cast. Loved it!

Favourite midday snack?
At work I snack on dried mango and on the weekends - bitterballen.

If you could get your hands on one thing on the Kings of Indigo website what would it be?
The hemp/cotton Indigo bodywarmer with stripe Tencel lining from a previous collection! And the Hyram patchwork blanket, which we sadly don’t sell anymore.