Two steps ahead

When Tony Tonnaer founded the Kings Of Indigo company eight years ago, his objective was clear; to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality. He believed that neither sustainability nor quality had to be sacrificed in order to make beautiful garments. Since then, what it means to be 'sustainable' has evolved and become more intricate, and the future promises further changes.

The brand works with a clear objective to lead the industry to change. But that forward thinking has helped shape and change the path of fashion, Kings Of Indigo always being two steps ahead of the rest. Kings Of Indigo positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world, innovating with materials and sustainable production methods, constantly exploring how to reduce the impact on the planet and people; using its Five Pillars of Sustainability as cornerstones.

Quote from Tony Tonnaer, Founder of Kings Of Indigo 
“I have been creating sustainable denim for seventeen years, but really only the last five have made me believe that change in the whole industry is truly possible.

These last years have seen the greatest developments in innovation regarding all phases of the production process to reduce environmental impact. Low impact dye, recycling water, increasing recycled content in fabrics, washing with less water, chemicals and energy – valuable and necessary steps have been made.

As a brand, we always try to be two steps ahead. Forward thinking and sustainable innovations, we have tried and tested and kept on going with the same spirit and clear mission; to lead the industry to change.

Now it’s time to help retailers and consumers to buy their clothing in a different way: buy less but better, buy dry denim for its long-lasting quality and water saving nature, repair clothes before buying new or upcycle them into something totally different.

We want to encourage consumers to passionately engage in when buying clothes, to consciously buy and choose quality items that last a lifetime. We have to give them the tools to make the best decisions by being honest and transparent. This way we can guide the consumer past greenwashing and get them into real quality wear for the next era.”

  • Kings Of Indigo is a PETA approved vegan brand.
  • In 2019, Kings Of Indigo introduced a denim capsule collection made with no new cotton, its most sustainable denim yet.
  • In 2020, the first 100% biodegradable stretch denim will be introduced.
  • 100% of the cotton used is BCIS or OCS certified.
  • Fair and safe working conditions are guaranteed at 100% of its production facilities.
  • A minimum wage is guaranteed in all facilities.
  • Up to 95% of the collection is made of sustainable materials.
  • All trims contain recycled materials: recycled metal for buttons and rivets, recycled paper for hangtags and pocket flasher, recycled PET for pocketing.

  • By 2025, the entire Kings Of Indigo collection will be made of recycled and/or man-made fibers.
  • Starting 2020, a living wage will be implemented in production facilities in high risk countries.
  • By 2020, Kings Of Indigo will use half the packaging compared with previous years.
  • By 2020, all of our denims will have an EIM (Environmental Impact Measure) score
  • Starting 2020, Kings Of Indigo will introduce an online sustainable fabric library open for everyone’s access.