Without our factories and production locations, we would not exist. Therefore, the safety and well-being of all those in our supply chain is of the upmost importance. Our commitments to associations such as the Fair Wear Foundation and laws such as the Dutch Agreement on the Sustainable Garments and Textiles and the Code of Conduct ensure that we work only with locations where worker wellbeing is a priority.

Read our Social Report for 2020-2021 here.


In 2018, 86.7% of four total production took place on audited locations, 13.3% of total production took place in low risk countries such as Italy and Spain – 

therefore we have 100% of locations where worker safety and well-being is guaranteed.

We can guarantee a minimum wage at all production facilities.

We can guarantee that employees do not work more than is legally allowed.


We want to ensure a living wage to all high-risk countries between 2022 and 2024. 

We are currently working on implementing a target wage in a few locations in Tunisia in 2020 before being able to enforce it in every location. The difficult comes from factories not disclosing full information about the labour costs per garment and have a more open cost evaluation. This is something we are working on improving. 

From 2020, we hope to have implemented the Freedom of Association in high risk countries. This will allow employees to become members of trade unions and enhance their worker protection. 

By 2021, we hope to be a Leader in the Fair Wear Foundation after we can guarantee a living wage at our production locations.