To Sale or Not to Sale?

It’s a season to love and hate. On the one hand, who doesn’t love to snap up a good bargain in the sale? But as a sustainable brand, we really hate the connotations of sale.
So why do we do it?

Although we work on a pre-order system, which means we only buy the amount of material we need to produce for the season, but there is still an element of risk and possibility for left over stock. Leaving those items in a warehouse is a greater devaluation than selling it at a lower price, we feel.

The materials used are still the same sustainable and high-quality materials as when they are full price; organic cotton, hemp, recycled PET, recycled cotton, to name a few. Our sale does not reduce the moral value of the item – the worker who made the item was still paid as fairly as we can provide right now – which is at least a minimum wage. Form 2020, we are working on implementing a living wage at locations in Turkey and then Tunisia. 

It can be pretty tough as a sustainable brand trying to get noticed in a sea of fast fashion brands who work in a cycle of sale to sale. We also know that it’s not always easy for you as a consumer to make sustainable choices which are more expensive if there are temptations coming from all over the place. So, if this helps you in choosing our brand and enjoying our fairly produced and ethically made garments, then enjoy it! We certainly will knowing our clothes are being worn by you instead of sitting in the warehouse.